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    Empowering Prosperity for Troy, Ohio. 


    MEMBERSHIP - The Chamber treats its members as owners.  Thriving is a direct result of our members' involvement, support and passion.  

    ENGAGEMENT - We host dynamic opportunities for members to connect and build relationships that create a sense of belonging and a network for growth.  We prioritize learning opportunities for current organizational success and the growth of our future workforce. 

    INTEGRITY - We are committed to honest and ethical interactions that build loyalty, trust and best practices.  

    COLLABORATION - The success of our community relies on the collective skills and contributions of all of us.  So, through strong partnerships and collaborations, we strive to work together to expand our potential to impact the entire community. 

    COMMUNITY PRIDE - We know the enthusiasm of our membership creates the electricity for a vibrant and thriving community.  We celebrate with great pride our members' success because their success is our success.  


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