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    Monday, October 5, 2015
    On April 5, 1988, an experienced skydiving videographer was filming an instructor and first-time student as they skydived from approximately 10,000 feet. The videographer had made two successful jumps earlier that day. With technology what it was back then, the recording equipment the videographer used was a heavy VHS deck stored in a backpack that he wore. The camera was unlike the smaller GoPro style cameras used today but was nonetheless mounted to his helmet in order to capture all the action. The videographer was the first to jump from the plane followed by the instructor and student. All seemed to be in order. Shortly after filming the other skydivers for a brief period and hurtling toward the ground at 150 mph, the videographer attempted to deploy his parachute only to discover he wasn't wearing one. The videographer was a veteran skydiver who had made over 800 jumps in his career. Strapping on a parachute would only seem natural to the casual observer. By those who knew the videographer and those present that day, it is believed his preoccupation with the recording equipment, the weight of the equipment itself, and fatigue caused him to lose focus and fail to properly prepare. The videographer free fell nearly two miles and as a result of his improper preparation, he tragically lost his life. While most leaders and business people don't find themselves in this kind of life and death scenario, there are some important lessons that can be learned from this story. Read more
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    Wednesday, September 23, 2015
    Just in time for another Chamber networking event. Get networking tips from Networking Guru, Beth Bridges - The Networking Motivator. Watch the video and then plan to join us for this months Business After Hours at the Troy Civic Theater. Read more
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