• Connected Communities Initiative - A Year In Review

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    Celebrating our involvement in the America's Best Communities Contest.  We are just days away from the announcement of the Semi-Finalists that will move on to the next phase of the ABC contest.   On Wednesday, January 13th, we will learn if we become a Semi-Finalist and continue in the competition.

    The Connected Community Initiative consists of 4 separate initiatives that come together to address work force needs in our community.   The Initiatives are:  Sustainable Leadership - finding ways to enhance our current leadership programs and addressing the need for involvement by those of all ages; Technology and Infrastructure - a partnership of the schools and the city to address the growing technology needs and to identify infrastructure needs in our community;  Downtown & Riverfront Initiative - the purpose is to create a riverfront corridor that will connect the downtown to the current riverfront development project; and the Community Platform - a community website that will be the one resource for everything Troy, Ohio.  The Community Platform will include a comprehensive community calendar.  

    Stay connected to the Connected Community Initiative by liking our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Troyohiousa/
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