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“The Crossroads of America” – I-70 / I-75 Interchange

Troy has benefited from almost every major change of transportation through the years. When the Miami-Erie Canal was built, it gave the city a boost. When the railroads ruled America, they made Troy a vital stop. When Dwight Eisenhower’s highway program swung into full gear, Interstate 75 went right through Troy, and Interstate 70 is just a few miles south, putting the city near one of the major road hubs in America.

When the airplane became the preferred mode of travel, Troy was just up the road from a couple of brothers named Wright, who ended up inventing the airplane and putting Troy in the center of a whole new mode of transportation. Dayton International Airport was built just 15 minutes away from Troy city limits. The 90-minute air market from Troy includes more than half of all U.S. households, 70 percent of U.S. income and over 65 percent of U.S. manufacturing.

That means the people and businesses of Troy still can enjoy a small town atmosphere while being only minutes away from major transportation centers.

It also means that Troy’s residents are never far from the advantages and attractions of major metropolitan areas. Columbus and Cincinnati are just an hour away; Indianapolis, Detroit and Cleveland are among the other cities are an easy drive.

Distances to major cities from Troy

A 90 minute market that is unsurpassed in the US

City Distance (Mi) Approx. Drive Time Approx. Flight Time
Atlanta 525 9.5 hours 1.5 hours
Chicago 255 4.3 hours 1 hour
Cincinnatti 70 1 hour .5 hours
Columbus 70 1 hour .5 hours
Detroit 190 2.3 hours 1 hour
Indianapolis 120 2 hours .5 hours
Nashville 375 5 hours 1 hours
Kansas City 625 9 hours 1.5 hours
New York City 655 11 hours 1.5 hours
Philadelphia 555 9 hours 1.5 hours
Pittsburgh 255 4.3 hours 1 hour
St. Louis 365 6 hours 1.3 hours
Washington D.C. 460 8.3 hours 1.3 hours
Troy High School has  long and glorious football history.

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