• Outstanding Educator of the Year Award

  • This award recognizes professionally certified educators, residing and/or working in the Troy area, who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to the field of education. An award of $1,000.00 is presented to the recipient from The Troy Foundation for $500 to be allocated to the school and $500 allocated to the teacher’s classroom.

    Nominations will be accepted till May 31. 

    Use the online nomination form or download the form HERE.


    1968 Donald Routson 
    1969 Robert Brown 
    1970 Delmar Preston 
    1971 Charles E. Long 
    1972 Frank H. Prouty 
    1973 Laura Powell 
    1974 Kathryn Epperson & Eugene Epperson 
    1975 Olive Ryan 
    1976 Esther Rasor 
    1977 Banna Smith 
    1978 Robert Fletcher 
    1979 John S. Rodgers 
    1980 Cardiff T. Hall 
    1981 Debra Keppel 
    1982 Dr. Robert Becker 
    1983 David Brewer 
    1984 Dale Vesper 
    1985 Frank Dunn 
    1985 Tom Dunn 
    1986 Clara Jones 
    1987 Charlotte Sharett 
    1988 Pat Morris 
    1989 Fonda Lou Eaton 
    1990 Susan Latta 
    1991 Kathy Curtis 
    1992 Kathy Wagner 
    1993 Matt Pierce 
    1994 Ronald Phillis 
    1995 Lorrie Kubaszewski 
    1996 Shirley Sheffer 
    1997 Ginny Dowd 
    1998 Chris Davis 
    1999 Rhonda Ball 
    2001 Darla York Kyle Elementary 
    2002 John Mauntler Troy High School 
    2003 Ty Welker Troy High School 
    2004 Cindy Clark Van Cleve Elementary 
    2005 Jason Scott Troy High School 
    2006 Tami Yahle Upper Valley JVS (39th) 
    2007 Paul Gibboney Director of Special Ed.
    2008 Rita Hollenbacher Upper Valley JVS 
    2009 Margaret Carpenter Forest Elementary
    2010 Keith Yunker Troy High School 
    2011 Ginny Beamish Upper Valley JVS 
    2012 Clark Shirgley Troy Junior High School 
    2013 Paul Delwiche Troy High School 
    2014 Chuck Karnehm Cookson Elementary
    2015 Kathy McIntosh Troy High School
    2016 Michael Roberts Troy High School
    2017 Myra Sanders Concord Elementary School 
    2018 Irene Imbodine Troy High School 
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