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    Employers are able to run their payroll, taxes, under Teamworx’s Fed ID instead of their own.  Teamworx provides payroll, taxes, workers comp, unemployment/HR, safety services to their clients. 

    Small employers vs. Larger employers:  Small employers may not enjoy any workers comp savings but will have an HR professional on-call instead of having to hire somebody.  Larger employers that might have an HR Director would benefit by having Teamworx facilitate/help the HR Dir-plus save significant premium dollars per year.  Ways we help are:  Labor issues, lawsuits, workers comp & unemployment claims/disputes, I-9 issues (proving employee legal status).

     Best type of businesses to benefit from Teamworx:

                    Blue Collar Industries (Construction-Foundries, Manufacturing, Transportation, Nursing Facilities)

                    50-200 Employees will financially benefit the most

                    Employers that do not have an HR Director on staff (or thinking about hiring one)

                    Employers that are already outsourcing payroll

                    Employers that have dealt with lawsuits or unemployment claims

                    Employers that have an increase in workers comp premiums

    Teamworx markets:

    (1)     Workers Comp Savings--  Construction, Roofers, Manufacturing, Transportation, Nursing Homes are the best candidates.  These employers pay the most premiums of any other industry.  The sweet spot # of employees are 100-200. 

    (2)    Employers in need of an HR Manager—Instead of paying for a full time HR Manager, rely on Teamworx and pay a fraction of the cost. # of employees usually under 50 in this scenario.

    (3)    Employers unhappy with their payroll provider.  This can be an opportunity to hire a PEO- Teamworx and gain more services that will help protect your business.

    (4)    Employers that have dealt with Lawsuits and/or costly Unemployment claims.  Teamworx will fight Unemployment claims, and protect clients from lawsuits by updating employee handbooks and make sure write-up/documentation is done correctly.

    First Step:

    Allow a FREE review (AC3 Temporary Authorization).  Teamworx will run preliminary numbers and give the employer a good idea how much they will save annually.

    Please email James Baker via phone 513.315.8834  or jbaker@teamworxhr.com  


    Download the brochure here.

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