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How to Host a Live @ 5 – Business After Hours

Are you looking to meet local business owners, or introduce your new business, products, or services to the community? A mixer is an excellent way to get together in person and gain new contacts. If you want to gain more exposure for your business and increase your company’s brand awareness, consider hosting a chamber mixer. Here are some tips for doing so:

Consider Your Guest List

The main point of hosting a business mixer is to network with fellow business owners, managers, and employees. The Chamber will promote your mixer and extend an invitation to all other members, but you can create a guest list which reflects your business’s goals. Let us know who you really would like to see there and feel free to extend an invitation directly to those you know personally.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right venue for your mixer is important. If possible, you should host your event in your business; this will get people into your location and promote your services or products. If your business space isn’t large enough, consider a venue with plenty of room to mingle but quiet enough for guests to easily converse. Perhaps you can co-host your mixer with another Chamber member who has a great space. A location that is visually pleasing and comfortable will make a lasting impression on your attendees, and catering and beverages services are a must!

Make It Fun

You want your guests to enjoy themselves, stay throughout the event, and associate your company with the mixer, so don’t think the evening has to be “all business.” Consider including entertainment, music, and door prizes, to put your guests in a great mood.

Remember It’s About Networking

Create an atmosphere that encourages mingling. Don’t place too many chairs and tables around; instead, make sure people are walking around, talking, and exchanging information. Include a table to display merchandise or brochures about your services and products. Finally, remember to keep it light and talk with as many guests as you can; try not to overwhelm the evening with speeches and presentations.

Set the Date

Contact the Chamber a few months ahead of when you’d like to schedule your mixer, so we can make sure the date is available, design an invitation, and begin letting our members know about the mixer.

Support Others

People like to support those who support them.  Plan to attend other Chamber mixers before yours.  Come and begin building relationships with other members and personally extend the invitation to them to visit your business.


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