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Ambassador Team


  • To promote good will and serve as a public relations unit for the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Troy Chamber Ambassadors will help strengthen the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce by assisting the Board of Directors in membership development.

Our Ambassador Team

Untitled design (25)
Chuck Fox
Untitled design (27)
Lori Gross
Amy Snyder-Curtis
Amy Snyder-Curtis

Past Chairman

Galbreath Realtors

Kim Meir
Kim Meier
Untitled design (28)
Diane Lyons
Untitled design (30)
Deborah Wildermuth
Ambassadors Breakfast
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Mike Beamish

Retired City of Troy Mayor

Penny Hoekstra
Penny Hoekstra
Bob Winner
Bob Winner
Kathy Vukovic
Kathy Vukovic
Untitled design (43)
Jennifer Smith
Untitled design (46)
Eric Britt
Untitled design (33)
Nancy Hargrove
Untitled design (38)
Amanda Brewer
Untitled design (42)
Mark Schmitemeyer
Untitled design (35)
William Furay
Untitled design (39)
Joe Laber
Untitled design (36)
Brenda Walters
Susan Walker - Hemm
Patty Anderson
Brock Heath
Big Mike's Ribbon Cutting
Trojan Horse Pizza Ribbon Cutting
Holiday Inn Express Ribbon Cutting

Join the Team!

Ambassador Team Application Form 

Ambassador Team Handbook 

For more information: 
Kathi Roetter


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