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Discover Troy, Ohio

Discover Troy, Ohio!


Troy is home where visions and values are shared, hopes and dreams are pursued, and everyone has a hand and a heart in shaping the future.

Troy is the land of opportunity...where you can create your dream and live it everyday.  With endless ideas, avenues and open arms, we have everything you need, want and can imagine to make it happen here.

Troy is home to hospitality...where everything and everyone is taken care of.  Whether you are looking for a job, a place to start a business or where to get a great burger, we go the distance to help you see it through, because taking care of you is what we do.

Troy is home to devotion...where we work together for the highest good.  From individuals to families to creatives, makers, movers, shakers, cheerleaders and challengers, we all proudly do our duty to make our city clean, safe and friendly yet forward-thinking and full of life.

Troy is home to prosperity...where it's all happening now and for years to come.  Driven by the desire to be the change, we are making big things happen today that will continue to build, progress and enrich our community and culture for generations to come.

Make Troy Yours!



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