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"The Troy Chamber provides ample opportunities to connect with other business members in my community that I otherwise may never have met."

Christina Hassink, Monroe Federal Savings & Loan Association

"Joining the Troy Chamber of Commerce is the single best investment I have made for my company to date. Not only do I feel part of the community of businesses, but the Chamber is committed to creating new networks of opportunities and introductions, to the people and civic projects that continue to open more new doors. My business is growing, and as a result of the leadership of the Chamber, so is my awareness, understanding and knowledge of the local business landscape."  - Glenna Fulks, Kite Meeting Management

Empowering Prosperity for Troy, Ohio


Member Spotlight

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Miami Valley Steel Service: Where Excellence is Everything

Located in Piqua, OH, Miami Valley Steel Service is proud to be the Troy Chamber of Commerce’s “Member of the Month”, and we’re excited to share how excellence drives everything that we do.


Customer Delight

We are not just a steel service center, we’re a commitment to top-tier quality. Our partnerships with our customers go beyond business – it’s about understanding their needs and delivering exceptional solutions. With over 800 customers across the US, we live by our motto: “Quality is when the customer comes back, and the steel doesn’t”.

Team Power

Our team isn’t just a workforce; we’re a family. Our commitment to each other includes a 40+ year history of zero forced layoffs, a company-sponsored zero cost clinic, an onsite gym with personal trainer, along with so much more. These benefits are in place not because we must offer them, but because it’s the right thing to do for our team and their families.


Community Bond: Where Excellence Grows

We’re not just about business, we’re about our community too. Through partnerships, sponsorships, and volunteer initiatives, we give back to the place that’s nurtured us. Supporting schools, championing sustainability, and contributing to local events define our pursuit of excellence beyond our doors.


Learn more about Miami Valley Steel Service and our commitment to excellence at

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