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Three Tips to Make Sure You’re Ready to Lead

All successful leaders are always prepared for action. Remaining “on your toes” and ready to spring into action is a key trait of someone who is ready to lead a team to greatness. Here are three tips from the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce on staying ready to lead at all times:  Tip #1: Always…

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Job Descriptions: 5 Tips To Make Yours Standout

The past two years have brought about a lot of change in business. But many companies haven’t reevaluated their job descriptions. Every time they have a position to fill, they search a hard drive (or folder) and post it. This won’t keep you competitive in the employment arena. While there are basic elements you need…

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Return to Networking in 2022

By Jenna Kay Fiegl It’s a new year full of promise for growth, networking, and the ability to get back into the community. If you’ve started a new goal such as eating healthy, or joining a gym, way to go! New year’s resolutions may look a little different if you’re a small business owner. Maybe…

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